The appropriate choice for your locks!

To maintain the security of your home, you must update the locking mechanisms. Where sometimes you only need to change a key of your home, the other times it requires to change the whole locks for the better security.

Do you know which option is best for you: rekeying or changing locks? Get the correct answer by A1 locksmith Services in Rockville.


There will be circumstances where updating locks is required. When renting a home, property owners should consider rekeying the locks. In the instance of a break-in, many homeowners choose to change locks.

Rekeying the locks

Rekeying a lock involves maintaining the same lock mechanism, but exchanging the key that fits. In other words, it only changes the inner workings of the lock while the functionality remains the same.

Changing the locks

Changing a lock, on the other hand, involves a different process. For instance, the entire lock gets removed from the door. The locksmith unscrews the lock, removes the mechanism and deadbolt, and replaces them with a brand-new lock.

In most instances, rekeying a lock is more cost-effective than replacing a lock. In some cases, the process of rekeying can identify issues with the lock that require lock replacement as well. Furthermore, you can get Change Lock services in Rockville MD by A1 locksmith Services.


Depending on the nature of your situation, a simple rekeying could be a great choice, such as:

  • When you lose the keys with no idea who may now have access
  • When you moved into a new home
  • Divorce or separation
  • You have many different keys
  • You granted a spare key to a third party

In most cases, a simple rekey is an excellent and cost-effective choice to keep your home protected.


There are other circumstances where it is appropriate to change a lock. This include:

  • After a break-in
  • Old, rusted or broken locks
  • You have many different types or brands of locks in your home
  • You want to upgrade to a new style of lock

Changing locks is not always necessary. In fact, in most cases rekeying is a great option for home security. However, you should consult with a professional Locksmith Services Rockville MD for a better understanding of which option is right for you.

If you want to rekey or change a lock, contact A1 locksmith Services in Rockville.