Pocket Door Locks

Pocket doors are the perfect solution for tight spaces such as a bathroom, stores, and pantries in offices and households. They are highly convenient as you can easily close them off while working or studying. Pocket door locks are a widely used lock type in offices and homes. They look good, easy to use and extremely budget-friendly

If you want to install pocket door locks in your residential or commercial premises, you must call contact to the best locksmith services in Rockville, MD. A1 Locksmith provides a wide range of designer and various sizes pocket door locks at reasonable prices. We offer all sorts of pocket door locks including round, square, magnetic, fancier, and mortise-style locks. Our pocket door locks are easy to install and easy to lock and unlock once in place.

A1 Super Locksmith is amongst the most profound names when it comes to providing locksmith and lockout services in Rockville. Our team of experienced workers are proficient in lock repair services and installing new locks in homes and on cars. We specialize in pocket door services in Rockville, MD. To get more information, call us on 1800-445-8240 and talk to one of our representatives. Ask for a demo!