How to Replace Vehicle Ignition System?

Sometimes, you fail to start your vehicle. Have you ever thought why this happen? The answer is here. It happens due to any fault in switch ignition system. This is the most important component of your vehicle. If the ignition switch does not work perfectly then it directly affects the performance of your vehicle. Due to the lack of ignition switch, your car will not start as well as car will crank. If your car is rushing to start, then you will need to find a perfect way to resolving this problem. You have to replace your old ignition switch with new one and it is the perfect solution for you and your vehicle.


There are 6 steps which help to replace your old ignition switch with new one such as:


Step 1: Disconnect the battery


The first as well as most important step, disconnect the battery. First of all, you need to open the car bonnet and disconnect the negative battery cable.


Step 2: Eliminate the steering wheel


After disconnecting the battery, you have to remove the steering wheel. Before you really eliminate the wheel you need to make a spot on the spine as well as wheel.



Step 3: Eliminate the switches


In the next step, you need to remove the switches utilized to put your indicators on as well as control the wipers of your car.


Step 4: Find the ignition switch


After third step, you have to identify the starter switch. After identifying disconnect the wires and remove the ignition switch.


Step 5: Remove the cylinder


In the next step, you need to remove the cylinder from the old ignition switch.


Step 6: Complete the task


It is the last and also an essential step in ignition switch replacement process. In this step, you need to put the old cylinder into the new ignition switch and then join all the wires as well as cables again.




These six steps help you to replace your old ignition switch with new one. If you are searching for a place from where you can avail this service, then visit at This is an ultimate platform which offers you Vehicle Ignition Repair Rockville MD at rock bottom prices.